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Distributed Energy Management System


StorView™ Energy Management Suite

StorView™ is American Energy Storage Innovations, Inc.’s distributed Energy Management Suite of software and control hardware for sizing, configuring, simulating, deploying and managing TeraStor™ ESS into the customer site; a fully-integrated operating system for total system awareness, control and monitoring.

StorView™ provides:

Graphical ESS site sizing and configuration, including integration points to renewables and the Point of Common Coupling (PCC).
Grid interaction simulation to permit tuning BEFORE deployment to ensure UL1547 compliance.
Automated updates of site configurations in real time.

StorView™ integrates TeraStor™ ESS component and customer-side renewables to provide:


  • Microgrids and islands

  • Frequency regulation

  • Generation enhancement

  • Capacity peak power

  • Renewable integration

  • T&D deferral


  • AGC dispatch

  • Manual dispatch

  • Peak shaving

  • Load leveling

  • Model-based dispatch

  • Renewables firming

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