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About AESI

Your next generation energy storage solution provider


American Energy Storage Innovations, Inc. (AESI)

We’ve designed and manufactured an entirely new line of energy storage products to meet the needs of grid energy storage, deployment, operation, and energy management for the next 20 years.  

Every detail in our AESI products makes them fundamentally easier to purchase, install, maintain and operate than any other energy storage alternative available today.

AESI Engineered Solution

AESI designs and engineers all its energy storage products starting with the industry standard LFP cells upward, unlike integrators that buy modules and/or racks of modules from others and attempt to package them into a system, AESI starts with the cells and designs the optimum system around them. Every aspect of the system design is covered by our in-house team of industry veterans from the patented supercell design, redundant cell and system management electronics, highly engineered custom liquid cooling system, modular power conversion systems, UL9540 certified safety systems, to the easy to install system enclosures. 

TeraStor™ is our team’s 5th generation design and includes over 16 years of lessons learned deploying GWH's of energy storage products around the world with a focus on safety, reliability, ease of installation and very low operation maintenance costs.

AESI Team's
Timeline of Accomplishments:


September 2007: Initial conceptual design of a 2MW self-contained Lithium-ion ESS system


December 2008: Commissioning of the 1st Generation MW self-contained energy storage system in Huntington Beach CA


December 2009: World's first large-scale deployment of an ESS system in Chile (world's largest lithium-ion energy storage system at that time)


2nd generation 32MW ESS system deployed in West Virginia (largest lithium-ion energy storage system at that time)


Worlds 1st system level safety approval for lithium-ion energy storage system


4th generation system deployed in Peterborough, UK, the 1st ESS to participate in the UK, Enhanced Frequency Regulation (EFR) Market


Largest ESS deployment in Europe to date, Jardelund, Germany 50 MWh


250 MW/MWh, world's most powerful ESS system commissioned in Otay Mesa, CA
October 2020: TeraStor concept conceived


July 2021: ABS ESS division created and the 5th generation
ESS System, “TeraStor” 


Given the enormity of the opportunity, the division becomes a free-standing company, American Energy Storage Innovations, Inc.

American Energy Storage Innovations, Inc.

AESI comprises highly experienced core team members who have developed five generations of large-scale BESS systems, heretofore having deployed more than 1.5 GWh worldwide. That same team has come together once again to create their magnum opus — the all-in-one, ultra-high density TeraStor. Third-party analysts contend that the revolutionary design outpaces the market for reliability, availability, utilization and total lifetime value.


Robust Technology Expertise

Senior Leadership

Bud Collins


C. Michael Hoff


Deanna O’Donnell

VP Marketing

Gerald Maurais

VP Program Mgmt & Admin

Glynne Townsend

VP Global Sales

Greg Tremelling

VP Tech Strategy

Kirk Johnson

General Counsel

Rick Cwiakala

VP Operations

Function Heads

Alex Koudriashov

Applications Engineering

Ben Tackett

Sales - Americas

Bhaskar Majee

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Brian Watson

Sales - Europe

Francis Rienzo


James Mongeau


Jeffrey Samstad

Hardware Engineering

John McNally

Energy Mgmt Systems

Kaushal Patel

Firmware & Embedded

Sreejakumar Nair

Power Electronics

Tara Perino


Board of Directors

Bud Collins

Nety Krishna

Nael Kassar

Subhash Dhar

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