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Deanna O’Donnell serves as Vice President of Marketing for American Energy Storage Innovations, Inc (AESI). In this role, she oversees the alignment of corporate, product and market strategies across the company’s worldwide footprint.

O’Donnell brings a wealth of experience and a track record of success with organizations at various stages of growth and maturity, including multiple tech-driven start-ups, a $2B+ regional distribution organization and large multi-national corporations. Her focus, energy and talents will be key to building the infrastructure to differentiate AESI as a definitive market leader.

With a background that includes growth-focused firms such as VCE (acquired by Dell), 128 Technology (acquired by Juniper), DTiQ, Trilio, F.W. Webb, Accunet (acquired by Red River), Focal Communications and Lucent Technologies, O’Donnell is now tasked with structuring, strategizing and executing company-wide initiatives to enhance brand visibility and stimulate demand for AESI’s cutting-edge solutions.

She is a proud Babson College alumna and holds a master’s degree in interdisciplinary instruction, program development and policy administration. Deanna’s expertise is not just a hallmark of her career but a testament to her unwavering commitment to propelling AESI to the forefront of the dynamic energy storage sector.

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