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American Battery Solutions, Inc. Confirms Exceptional  Reliability of TeraStor™ BESS System with Third-party Analysis

Thought leadership and architectural reliability confirmed through detailed review of hardware, analysis of failure mode effects, reliability block diagrams, Markov models and board-level failure rates.

[BOSTON, MA, May 24, 2023] – American Battery Solutions, Inc.’s Energy Storage Solutions division (ABS ESS), manufacturer of the ultra-high-density TeraStor™ lithium-ion battery  energy storage platform, today announced the extraordinary outcomes of a reliability analysis performed by Reliant Labs (Reliant) in Sunnyvale, CA. The comprehensive elective  evaluation of the TeraStor™ architecture demonstrates the company’s commitment to  delivering large-scale energy storage solutions that outpace the industry in value. 

“Reliability is the most critical factor in the total cost of ownership and lifetime value of energy  storage,” said General Manager of ABS ESS and 35-year industry veteran Bud Collins, “and we  are absolutely dedicated to transparently upholding the highest standards in this regard.” To ensure balanced and accurate estimates for lifelong system downtime and availability, Collins explains, ABS ESS “chose Reliant because they are renowned for their expertise and  unbiased approach to analysis.” 

The study was performed in accordance with the Telcordia SR-322 and SR-1171 reliability  prediction methods and procedures and included a range of calculations, failure modes and  performance evaluations. “A system reliability analysis (SRA) evaluates and quantifies the fault-tolerant architecture, redundancy for critical system components, efficient fault  detection and recovery mechanisms,” said Reliant President Chase Wurz. “The SRA was a  commitment by American Battery Solutions that the system will meet reliability and  availability objectives, identifying any potential areas for improvement.”  

With a predicted reliability of 99.999% (5-nines) the TeraStor™ architecture is shown to be the  most reliable energy storage system on the market today. “We are thrilled to announce the  remarkable results from this study,” stated Collins. “The outcomes are a testament to the  tireless efforts of our deeply experienced and dedicated team who are revolutionizing the industry with cutting-edge energy storage solutions that exceed customers’ expectations  and enable a sustainable energy future.” 

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